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Blockchain - Innovation - Development

Our Vision

Understand problems with people before designing solutions for people.

Digital products don’t meet their full potential because the problem is often ill-posed.

We make ideas emerge and prove they are right by confronting them to practice and reality through a human-centered approach.

Human resources and its organisation can be a source of great value. There is even more value to be found inside your organisation.

We believe value can be preserved along the way from the strategic view to product delivery.




leveraging market hidden values
customer’s adaptive behaviour creates new market opportunities


leveraging human hidden values
people with field experience have meaningful knowledge


leveraging technology hidden values
change the way we think and behave


leveraging technology process values
automation saves time that will be invested elsewhere


leveraging technology business values
white spaces can be found


leveraging technology organisation values
corporate structure can have a positive impact on your products

Solid foundation

To build upon and make a difference
STRATEGY/IDEATION: Define a long-terme vision and its possible disruption. Business opportunities through innovation and Design Thinking
DESIGN/IMPLEMENT: Build qualify software for which tests is automated. Web/Mobile development, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence
DELIVER/MEASURE: Software factory: build software delivery pipelines, continuous integration and deployment cloud or not). Measure usage and business metrics.

Iterative approach

To create, maximize value through dedicated scopes and continuous value assessments
DISCOVER: Information gathering (Design Thinking, Business analysis)
DESIGN: Define opportunities and possible execution paths
DEVELOP: Product creation Product factory
TEST: Increase quality and robustness
MEASURE: Actual value proposition is assessed

Meet The Team

Versatile professionals combining engineering and business administration skills to deliver tailor-made digital products
We are a team of passionate people driven by code and business value with an extended knowledge on digital transformation challenges in various sectors
We are value driven instead of plan driven. We deliver digital products that rapidly bring value to customers
We are human centered to achieve consensus through co-creation. We believe that a strong and multi-disciplinary team makes a meaningful product

Benjamin Mateo

Founder, Blockchain architect and full-time geek.

Nicolas Van Eeckhout

Founder, Agnostic & holistic innovation catalyst and design thinker

Maxime Dekoninck

Founder, Fullstack engineer and cryptoeconomist

Explore our Know-How

Design Thinking

Making Decision
Creative thinking sessions to collectively define an appropriate strategic line
Start Small Scale Fast
Identifying the right starting scope. Build together an evolutive and pragmatic solution
The Minimum Viable Product journey. Building your product for the right starting scope

Dev & Delivery

Build trust within an ecosystem.
Traceability solutions, data anchoring, tokenization and economic incentives
Data Analytics
Get to know your customer and monitor the health of your applications
Artificial Intelligence
Automate decisions and interactions
Tailor-made mobile/web application
Ready to use application. Front-end, backend.
Architecture, design and development
DevOps and cloud infrastructure
Automate deployment and testing of your applications
Tech support
We help you code and design part or entire solutions either with your team or completely autonomously


Blockchain: Games of Blocks
Blockchain serious game: understand problems solved by blockchain technology and its inner workings
Blockchain for developers
Use and develop smart contracts using Ethereum and Cogarius private blockchain
Blockchain for business analysts
Workshops about various blockchain uses cases. Understanding where the real value proposition lies
Artificial Intelligence
Understanding different machine learning approaches
Design Thinking
Ready Maker, Learning by doing on a real case
Innovation Games
Connect people, their skills and potential through games to foster collaboration and culture dissemination

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